Dear Blog…

G’day commenters and anyone else looking at this post. School i all most over and all kids are happy but in my class are blogs are sad, how? Well my teacher said that we could keep are blogs or she can delete them I have decided that I will keep my blog but my friends mite not keep them so now that is that.

Thank you blog for letting me write posted and connecting with friends you my blog have let me write things that were ether existing or fun.


What I’ve Learned Out Of School

Hello internet, and today this is what I’ve leaned out of school. It would take a long, long, time if I told you all of the things I’ve have learned out of school but I picked one. It all happened when I was playing black ops zombies it was me and a couple of my friends, we got up to round 35 just saying but anyway we were having a great time and one of my friends went one way but I new that the way they went was a death trap so I went the other way and I was right so the thing I learned is you don’t have to follow someone but you can go your own way.

What sould I write about?

Hello internet, I am sorry that I haven’t put a post up lately, but I just have been so busy lately and schools almost over and were going camping and so much stuff has gone on so I decided that I will let you decide what you want me to write any thing that is okay with school. Nothing bad like some stuff but you know what I mean so get ready, get set, and WRITE!

hankan dahstorm_ apple keyboard

edited by Amber and thanks for the pic Hankan Dahstrom

My Favorite Place to Visit on Vancouver Island

Hello people who are visiting Vancouver and readers/commenter. Today I’m telling you about the best place to visit in Vancouver and I hope you like it:) the place I would recommend is Comox Marina. Unfortunately the building has burnt down but the thing or person that caused _Diamond Grace_ Comox Marinathe fire was not found. This pic has to be the most

beautiful pic of a sky I have seen. I would have to say that if you want to see some boats or take a walk then come here at around 6-9pm.

Thanks to Mr.D for helping me and to Diamond Grace for this pic and for all the comments I have had.

I’m Getting Braces!

Hello, internet. Sadly I don’t have braces yet but I’m going to get them soon. I just would love to know do braces hurt when they are on??? But any way right now I have a spacer in my mouth. Unfortunately I can’t show you a pic of a spacer but what it does is on every other day my mom and/or dad has to tighten it with a little tool and they have to do that for a month so a long, long, long time. The hole point is to make my teeth straight enough and put braces on to keep it straight. Well I have to work on other thing but I will keep you informed about when I’m getting braces but in till then see ya later internet.

Yours truly Orion

Gamer Aids??? YA Gamer Aids!!!! Black Ops Style

Hello internet now you might be wondering what gamer ads is, right. Well what gamer aids are is well, if you love to game on Xbox360, Ps3 then you will love this. But first I will go over the stages going from 1 to 5 so lets get started.

STAGE 5—->You can play all night, make it up to round 50-60 or higher and be happy in the morning:). If you can do that then your a hardcore pro gamer and your gamer aids can’t  be cored.

STAGE 4—->You can play all night and be happy in the morning and get to round 40-50. If you can do that then your a hardcore gamer and you gamer aids mite be cored.

STAGE 3—->You can play all day and some of the night, get to round 30-40 then your a good gamer and your gamer aids can be cored.

STAGE 2—->You can play some of the day and get to round 20-30 and your a gamer a you don’t know if you have gamer aids.

STAGE 1—->You can’t finger out what black ops and you completely FAIL and you are a NOOB and your gamer aids are, well, you don’t have gamer aids so ya.

Thanks to all the gamers and post readers who have got the time to read this.

Yours truly internet, Orion

Thank you.

Today I’m going to thank the people who has comment on my blog so here we go! I will start will Ms Clayton’s space in between who has kept commenting since day one of my blog. Next I will go with some one who loves history+ he will show you a thing or two about history it’s Greyson’s history blog. Now lets go to someone who always comments (it’s ME), no I’m kidding but this person loves to kid and that person is my favorite teacher Ms Smith, and that is it. Thanks to all other commentators as well for visiting my blog. Bye for now and a merry Christmas.

Thank you Greyson for checking this post. `


Christmas is almost here!

I can’t what until Christmas can you, it’s almost here! Every buddy waits for Christmas and on Christmas Every buddy gets present’s from Santa and your parents and you love it. But if your like me it does not end! Because my birthday is on January 31st and that mean’s when Christmas is over I get more present’s on my birthday! So get your lights and a tree and hope your birthday and Christmas are merry and bright.


Hotel del_Jim Epler

Merry Christmas to all and all a good night or day.

And thank you and Abbybatuneblen, Jim Epler and thank jack and amber for checking my blog.